The first fruit was a pomegranate on this beautiful planet. It was dark and light it was the gardeners delight let there be light so bright so white. Night and day divided, so one sided this provided. Divide the land with water just like mothers daughter. The earth is our place of birth lets express mirth spiritual birth. Bring forth grass, herbs so superb, trees yielding fruit what a lute. Creatures rule the sea even to the lowest degree common coral tree. Creatures fly high fly by bone dry blink on an eye turn a blind eye give it a try. Be fruitful and multiply lets customize family lullaby lets multiple be purified electrify. Man is created in my image lets scrimmage In my image.



The first fruit was a pomegranate on this beautiful planet. 
We lost our affection we are an infection we think we're perfection na that's just a projection we need to change our direction of imperfection.
we are violent but we stay silent we kill for the thrill we ain't chill I'm ashamed to be a human we ain't tame we blame, we claim, we frame we need to be deceased and decrease but instead we increase.
We fight our own kind were blind were all one mind but we seem to be in a bind.
we kill for fame we should be ashamed people are slick were get tricked we inflict pain upon the weak and the meek were not peaceful but only evil we hateful, painful we are lethal hope there's not a sequel.



The World is run by the rich turning on that ignition switch. 
What comes around goes around the world is one large burial mound going to fall down its the talk of the town. 
The water levels are rising there's gonna be an uprising. 
Soon the world will show its fury in a grand jury. 
Fire will be a blazing all hell will be rising its gonna be amazing lets just be phrasing.
Day after day its gonna be a game in a liquid crystal display lets just get those common European jays. 
The world is gonna end no need to offend lets just pretend that were best friends and maybe we can attend. 
The earth will crack there's a warning of attack no coming back we can't fight back. 
First there will be riots its not gonna be quiet, then the fire will start being burned like s piece of art for the most part everything is gonna fall apart. 
Then the water will rise in a blink on an eye just say goodbye to the sky's don't be a tough guy.
So much pollution we need that solution where's that American Revolution pollution is an instrument of execution.
Humans are a disease were hard to please we disagree.



The world is rotten soon all peace will be forgotten.
But the people are rotting even faster where's the old master.
The matter of the fact is the peaceful creatures that saunter the earth are living in a demonic place we kill things to put in our trophy case the most evil thing is the human face. 
The faster the peaceful die the faster they get released at the very least and they can leave this deprived place it's the year of our holy grace. 
Leaving this place is a god send gift. 
Life must be cherished but once the days go black with hate death must be cherished.



There's a hole in the sky dragons eye bye bye gone in the blink of an eye Fourth of July.
Time and space conformed into a holy place higher place state of grace. 
The world is gonna fall once and for all where's saint Peter and Paul urban sprawl written into the stone wall.
We need that drug not in a coffee mug comes from the fruit of the poisonous tree opens up that pea to the highest degree get that PHD.
Two ways to find the truth sit and look in the minds eye get those red eyes and you'll be surprised, then say goodbye look past the skies to see what lies. 
Or use the brain to connect the dots the human body is the biggest clue what does this reference to its all in the angle view.
The world is being devoured it's being overpowered the human race is growing were easy going soon it'll be snowing in the world.



Our earth is coated in a blanket of green it's the year fourteen here comes our queen.
Mother is here loving nature and creature high and low since a long time ago.
The first natural disaster strikes the knowledgeable ones fall from the sky covering the world like fruit flies in the blink of an eye. 
Let's strip the land of its wealth consuming its health. 
Let's dig up the ground of which we stand all by the mechanical hands. 
Everyday hundreds fall supplying us air falling into despair.
Come down the book of common prayer let's begin our tender loving care.
Send down the anointed one under the midnight sun. 
I was sent to teach you peace let's have one last feast before I get released.



There's a burning tree in the Norwegian Sea organized by the Africanized bee to the highest degree.
The trees are burning how concerning they have a lust for learning won't be retuning. 
It's all coming down to the bees there's a mental disease its in the strong breeze deep freeze. 
A black flame is gonna appear in the capital of Zaire in the tropical year without fear.
Death is here were gonna disappear to the puppeteer rehear. 
The sky cracks likes the western act weres the sealing wax. 
The world will die by fire nor water it's gonna be a slaughter come hell or high water. 
Humans consume, the earth is in the emergency room no one is even in the waiting room.



There in the desert lies a tower surrounded by the everlasting flower.
The nectar is collected by the art director forge in a pot baking it hot plus a moon shot. 
Behold divinity the mask of the holy trinity. 
The drink appears every three hundred years at the beginning of the musical spheres.
The nine men across the world are summoned to partake in the ceremonial libation.
They are summoned by the grand humming nearly as great as the second coming. 
The nine radical men appear once everyday in nine different ways. 
Let's begin the novenary banquet.
And for nine days and nine nights begins the Festival of Lights.
The ninth night comes and that's the end of the hum each man gets a wine soaked plum.
Each one is devoured an inner connection of the nine is designed.



The grandeur jury is managed by monks gods of the spotted skunk. 
Bowing in the temple of east at the very least. 
The rivers flowing with prayers preaching all the way to the high top stairs.
The day goes dark and begins the ceremonial spark here comes the minutes of ark. 
Linking from heaven to land by the pineal gland. 
And wakes up the spotted skunk arising from the tree truck surrounded by the nine monks.
Deliver us prayers and we'll send them to the high top stairs. 
In seconds the masses come vibrating the trees with holy hums. 
The minutes has ended and the skunk has descended.
Return to your hallow house be as quite as the tree bark mouse.
And blow the flames of the forbidden wicks and give it three clicks. 
And the humming will stop even the high top shops.



Purple is the color of the mind.
Blue is the color of the soul that's all one whole.
The moon king goes by the name of ying lives in the hot springs near south Beijing. 
Splits the nut of the purple fruit while playing the vertical flute.
The sun king goes by the name of sol lives on top of the celestial pile. 
Melts the liquid of the blur root pours it into the bamboo shoot. 
The Kings met at the center of it all at the grand entrance hall next to the statue of apostle paul.
They mix mind, body, and soul into the forbidden bowl.
One drop can change it all.
In the blink of an eye ten life times fly bye. 
Life is a sheet of paper one side is reality in actuality. 
Taking a drop is turning the paper over looking at it like a purple clover.


The first women came into play what a beautiful display. 
She was gifted by the gods her name was Pandora with a powerful Ora. 
She was given a box with all evil things given it like kings spread your wings. 
Don't open it but temptation always wins brings you in like a symphony of violins.
And with temptation evil enters our once beautiful planet. A long steam connected to all regions of the world releasing strife, greed, toil, misery, shame, famine, disease, war, cruelty, death, pride, envy, sorrow, jealously, murder, paranoia, and madness flooded the world. 
And she shut box with a petite fury and its closed she didn't feel composed. And a small voice arose under her nose.
"Let me out" came a little shout.
And curiosity struck her again.
And once more opened the box.
And at the bottom of the box and with all the evil in the world ascended a spirit by the name of Hope.