1 April – 4 April 2016


Santa FeCollective 

1114HickcoxStreet |  Santa Fe |  NM




Santa Fe, NM: Carpenter/Ostrander and Santa Fe Collective are pleased to present an exhibition of drawings, stencils, and poetry by Santa Fe artist, Cruz Salazar.  This is Salazar’s premier exhibition.  


Salazar’s artistic expression derived of symbolic, figurative and gestural forms is a raw and organic countenance of India ink and pen on paper.  Through these media, Salazar explores techniques and processes revealed in uninterrupted illustration. 


Grandson of famed Beat poet, Gregory Corso, Salazar has channeled and discovered a voice through written expression and literary artistry.  Salazar’s first two published works: “Dedicated to the Word”, hardcover, Ostrander Publishing/CA-OS Projects, 2015; and “Two Jumps to the Midnight Sun”, paperback, Ostrander Publishing/CA-OS Projects, 2015, are an early archival exposition of his prolific compilation of drawings, stencils and poems.


Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1999, Cruz Salazar lives, works and studies in Santa Fe.  Salazar has been exposed to art and literature his entire life.  Salazar credits renowned illustrator and cartoonist, Ralph Steadman, with influencing his studio practice and inspiration.


For more information and images, please contact Tasha Ostrander at (505) 699-1012, or

PRESS 2016

Messenger-Spirit Artist and poet Cruz Salazar  Written by Abatemarco

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